Undergraduates Come together for Rush and THON

This past month has been incredibly active and engaging for the brothers of Delta Upsilon. We took approximately two weeks during the end of January and the beginning of February to hold our Spring ‘22 Rush process and had a great time meeting all of the potential new members. After a successful, exciting, and well-run Zone Day and Rush Week, we took in a new group of great men, the DU Spring ‘22 Pledge Class. We’d like to give a special shoutout to Tomas Reyes, our VP of Recruitment, for a smooth process.

Aside from the rush process, we have been heavily dedicated to fundraising for THON 2022. In January, we held a brotherhood bench press competition for THON, where 39 brothers put up 1,079 reps to help fight childhood cancer. Each brother received sponsorship from friends and family and donated a specific dollar amount for every rep of a 135-pound bench press they completed. Along with raising money for a great cause, the event served as a fantastic brotherhood bonding experience, with friendly competition and exciting energy filling the room.

The 2022 THON Dance Marathon itself was an outstanding and record-breaking success. Our three dancers, seniors Trevor ChristieJack Mansur, and Adam Bittner, danced for 46 hours straight to raise money For the Kids. As you may have seen in the news, Penn State broke its fundraising record, with a total of $13,756,374.50. Along with our THON partner Delta Gamma, we contributed $168k. Additionally, DU as a fraternity set a personal record for the most money we have ever raised, with a final total of $61k. All of the brothers had a memorable weekend and provided a constant flow of energy and support to our dancers on the floor from our section.