President’s Message Spring 2022

My Brothers.  Timo here.  El Presidente.  The state of our DU Fraternity is sound.  Our Alumni finances are secure.  All bills are paid, and future liabilities are budgeted.  We have funds set aside for upkeep and improvements.  Our UG membership is good.  Our house occupancy for Fall 2022 is expected to be around 35.  A full occupancy helps fund future improvements.  Our total UG membership is 80-90 Brothers.  Our UG executive board is mature and on top of things.  Things are looking up.  That being said…

We needed to spend some money.  The last roofing project is underway for about $30,000.  The repair work/replacement is over the original front door, which faces Locust Lane, and which covers the rooms above that area.  It is necessary because there were serious leaking issues.  This will complete the total re-roofing of our premises over all areas in recent years.  There is new roofing all around.

I’d like to find the funds for new dining tables.  I’ve looked into it.  I think we can pull it together.  Three sets of tables & benches cost around $15,000.  Your donations are so important.

Other than that, we don’t see any big-ticket items coming up.

It is my pleasure to serve you.  Though I am not a magician, it would be my pleasure to work some magic.  Like dining tables.  Examples are below.


DU Class of 1975

And Proud of it!