March Undergraduate Updates

The undergrads here at DU saw a very eventful month which included an upgrade to the party room, a successful State Patty’s celebration, and relaxing over spring break. In regards to the upgrade to the party room, we decided to use a black, chalkboard paint. With the use of this paint, we are able to use special markers which makes it easier to decorate for things such as socials and other events in the party room. We also got around to putting together a basketball hoop again so the brothers can always go down and play pickup throughout the day! For the first time in 11 years, thank to our very own IFC President Kyle Quinn, fraternities were able to register socials for State Patty’s and all of our undergraduate brothers saw this weekend as a huge success. Last week we were all able to get some much needed off time, and sun! The majority of the brotherhood went down to either Punta Cana or Ft. Lauderdale, while a couple other visited our brothers abroad in Barcelona! The new IM season just started with the guys getting involved in outdoor soccer and indoor volleyball. Good luck to our brothers!

VP of External Relations,

Jack Dooling