Delta Upsilon Was Best Known For…

We asked, and you answered! We wanted to hear your opinion on what Delta Upsilon was best known for when you were in the house, and your answers did not disappoint! View what  Josh Wimble ’13 reminisced on below! 


“From just before my time till the end (~’08-12), DU had popular DJs, rappers and live bands play on the yard or in the party room for huge audiences.

From mid my time until years after (’11-’15), DU was by far the most dominant athletic house, taking home several Bischoff trophies and winning numerous intramural sports.

Toward the end of my time, we started having more international representation, with brothers hailing from Italy, Germany, Oman, Thailand*, and other countries. These guys were both really popular and some of our better athletes.

*FYI, not referring to me as a guy who once lived there, but Ryan, a bro who was actually Thai.” – Josh Wimble ’13